The Press Enterprise recently featured Terpon as the leader in the up and coming field of Virtual Reality. The author, Matthew Carey, detailed his overall experience of our demo at this year’s XBIZ conference in West Hollywood, which featured an exotic dancer behind a sheer, white veil. Those who got to demo our newest webcam, the Hermes, reported feeling as if the dancer were “right in front of them, performing for their pleasure.”

At the conference, Joey Gabra, managing director for, affirmed that “VR is not just a cool little buzzword anymore. It’s definitely here,” adding that the VR market is “really, really tiny still.”  A notable observation, which was echoed by Mike Stabile, communications director for Free Speech Coalition. “The current revenue being generated from VR isn’t huge. But across the industry, people are looking at it as something that really is going to develop into the dominant medium for adult entertainment.” And Terpon is at the forefront of generating this new technology.

Brian Shuster, CEO of Utherverse, pointed out a few of the technological issues which may have prevented VR from booming in previous years. He concisely stated that headsets tend to be “uncomfortable, so you really can’t put on a headset and spend hours watching porn.” A problem facing many manufacturers; one which Terpon intends to eradicate, with its soon to be released headset, already in the prototype phase of production. As our co-founder, Jean-Claude Artonne, asserts, “immersive enjoyment is not just about vision… what you want is to interact.” Developing the technology to sustain that level of interaction is our priority- which is why our products are essentially plug-and-play, with a focus on ease of use, beauty, and, yes, comfort.

Terpon has already developed VR camera technology which pushes the boundaries of immersive webcam streaming, in our new webcam models Hermes and Artemis. We are dedicated to the task of remaining at the forefront of VR technology. We offer the newest technology at the best pricing point, and offer you unlimited online support and upgrades. We strive to not only build the best, but to set the standard in both design and function, so that all you have to focus on is being the rising star at the forefront of this new, interactive adult industry!