At Terpon we are always focused on assisting our content partners, cam performers and consumers. Our goal is to facilitate the best online user experience for fully immersive live streaming VR broadcasts. We are confident you will find this website and our entire business relationship very easy to work with, so please review our FAQ and contact us if there is anything else we can assist you with today!

Yes, we will support you with the initial set-up of your Terpon VR camera and best way to stage your shows. Terpon cameras work even with very low intimate light levels and there are many ways to arrange your broadcasting space to take advantage of virtual reality optics. Contact us any time for more information It’s easy, exciting and fun!

Your Terpon VR Camera is yours for as long as you want it. You can cancel any time, send the camera back in a free shipping box we provide for you and that’s it. We are willing to make this deal because we are confident you and your fans will enjoy Terpon cameras so much that you will WANT to keep your Terpon camera because you love it almost as much as we do!

Terpon is always working to offer full compatibility with all the current VR headsets including Oculus, Samsung Gear, HTC Vive, and others. We will also be making unique deals with headset providers to get you and your customers the best headsets and VR gear at discounted prices with affiliate marketing opportunities for you to earn money from selling headsets to your fans as well!

YES! Terpon is not cam studio, we do not run any cam sites, we do not create or distribute content of any kind. We are a camera manufacturer. You always own 100% of the content you make with your Terpon VR webcam unless you sell it to someone else. All we do is provide the world’s best device so you look and feel your best in full virtual reality live shows for you fans!

Your Terpon VR Camera comes with a full guarantee. If it fails for any internal reason we will replace it immediately for free. If it breaks due to sadistic misusage, we may hesitate to rush you a new one over and over again, so please be careful with your camera. Your Terpon VR webcam is not intended for use on a flying drone…. yet!

Yes! The details will be coming out in Q1 of 2017. An important part of our strategy is to spread the opportunity among all of our strategic partners. That means we will always make room for models, studios, website owners and affiliate marketers to upsell our services while earning significant new revenue for yourself at the same time.

All Terpon cameras are rented on a monthly basis and never sold. That’s for a very important reason. We want to make VR accessible at a very low price, we want to avoid the costs of trying to support many versions of each camera at the same time, and we expect to be sending you FREE upgraded devices each year when newer versions of each camera become available. Remember when mobile phones were new, and you wanted the newest iPhone or Android device every six months but it cost a fortune to get them? That’s what’s happening with VR now, but with Terpon you always get the newest best VR webcam delivered to your address absolutely free! We ship you the new one, you send us back the old one and we even pay for the shipping costs. That only works because we use a monthly rental business model as the basis of every client relationship. Best of all, since you are renting monthly with no contract, you can cancel any time, and we know that – so we have to earn your trust and your business each and every month!

Any Mac or Windows computer show work flawlessly with your new Terpon VR webcam! An i5 processor is recommended and ideally an i7 or equivalent processor will provide the best performance. Simply plug your new VR webcam into a standard USB3 port and turn it on… then turn your customers on in a whole new way! Our friendly expert support staff is always available to answer your questions and provide tech support if you have any questions!

Terpon offers two VR webcam lines currently with more on the way soon. All Terpon cameras offer a live streaming stereoscopic field of view of about 200 degrees. The resolution and frame rate vary with the Hermes performer VR camera offering 3K resolution and 30fps while the studio Artemis series VR webcam provides a full 4K resolution at more than 60fps!

Broadcasting in VR with a Terpon camera costs about the same amount as broadcasting with a traditional 2D camera. You do not need any special computer hardware installed, your bandwidth will be about the same and your Terpon VR webcam costs less each month than you’ll earn with it during a single webcam show most of the time.