Do you remember watching Star Trek in your early years and being impressed with all of their amazing futuristic technology? Communication that could fit in the palm of your hand, sleek touchscreens and most impressive of all, the Holo Deck. The officers of the show would visit the Holo Deck for a little bit of rest and relaxation and to visit worlds unknown. Now, while it is still far away in the future, the idea of a Holo Deck is actually becoming more likely! The fictional device has made such an impact on pop culture that NVidia, a virtual reality company has named their VR collaboration tool “The Holo Deck” after it.

According to CNet, now that virtual reality devices are affordable for most consumers, development in the field has been super fast. However, there are still a few things that need to come before we can all experience the reality of the holo deck. There needs to be the ability to taste and smell in virtual reality. So far there have been a few ideas for that like a collar that would be able to combine a few different scents for more smelling opportunities.

Even though we actually have virtual reality technology that people can use in their homes, most science fiction movies today are still riffing on our dreams to imagine what may be possible in the future. So far current movies about VR have been a bit more advanced than what is available today. There are also some security concerns to consider as virtual reality gets more advanced. Most security experts hope these will get worked out as technology puts us forward closer to the dream and reality of the Holo Deck from Star Trek.