In a recent article by FUBAR Webmasters, Terpon is named as one of the key companies introducing 3D webcams and Virtual Technology in the adult entertainment industry. Like all things new, there are questions regarding the projected growth and availability of the new technology, and the expected profit margin of introducing this technology to your customers. Similar to the past advancements of the tube and mobile eras, and the option of offering e-pay billing, new technologies continue to prove to be exceptionally profitable in the adult industry. And Virtual Reality is no exception.

“Revenue for the VR and augmented reality market is projected to grow from $5.2 billion in 2016 to more than $162 billion by 2020.” And cam models from across the industry are offering strong encouragement to include this new tech to your webcasts. A very successful and in-demand cam girl named housewifeswag recently told Inverse “With VR quickly becoming the latest trend, and sex toys becoming more virtual, it’s a logical step forward.”

Echoing her sentiments, Stewart Tongue of offers additional and quite compelling evidence why you should take advantage of Terpon’s low pricing to implement 3D-VR streaming to your business. “I moderated a major VR panel at InterNext Vegas, one at the European Summit in Amsterdam, last year, and the one in Prague. I’m working with several VR companies, and having… seen the ‘adapt or die’  mentality required to succeed in this business, first hand- I can tell you that VR is here to stay and now is the time to get in!”

How can Terpon afford to supply the market with high-quality, reliable VR technology, at a cost well below our manufacturing costs? Terpon’s CEO Jean-Claude Artonne explains why: “It is not so important for us to have the biggest slice of the pie- we are more interested in growing the pie, so that everyone has enough to eat.” We understand that you’ll need the latest equipment to meet your customer’s demand for VR and fully immersive entertainment. It is our goal, at Terpon, to establish our brand and to earn the trust of our customer base (you)- which is why we offer the best cams available at the lowest price, plus free automatic updates as new technology becomes available. Plus, you’ll receive a commission every time you get one of your customers to buy devices that are compatible with VR. It’s a win-win for everyone. So sign up at to receive your 3D-VR webcam, the Hermes or Artemis, today!