The Mall of America is much more than a mall. It is a destination for entertainment. It has tons of stores but it also has many attractions including an indoor roller coaster! However, a new attraction that is about to open at the mall has a strong virtual reality component to offer to guests. The virtual reality center is an experience incorporates all of the senses, even touch and smell which are often left out of the virtual reality experience. The VR immersion is all about a famous movie series and it puts you in the driver’s seat of an important mission. The company who made the experience, The Void, expects that this experience will put users closer than ever before to the characters and icons that they love from the series.

The experience features virtual reality headsets and gear to make every single part of the magic happen. People come from all over the world to visit the Mall of America and this will show you exactly why they do it. If you have been looking for a reason to either try virtual reality or visit this spot, this might be a good reason to do both at the same time!

Virtual reality theaters and experiences are bringing the joy of VR to more and more people. There is a VR planetarium which allows you to see the sky with an augmented reality program to view constellations in Canada, and other interesting experiences throughout the world, with more being thought up every single day. Museums are also turning to virtual reality as a way to bring their exhibits to more people or simply make them last long after they are taken down and out of the rotation. What will VR do for you?