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Terpon 4K 3D-VR Webcams

Terpon proudly produces the performer focused Hermes VR Webcam for independent models and the Artemis pro series VR Webcam for cam studios and models seeking the absolute best quality live streaming content device ever created. We look forward to working with you. Choose the device that fits your needs the best, and we will help you get started with a few simple plug-and-play steps that are so much easier and faster than you might expect.

Hermes VR Webcam:

  • Resolution: 3072×1536 (2x 1536×1536)
  • Maximum frame rate: 30fps
  • Pixel size: 2.2 µm
  • Field of View: 200°
  • Plug & Play: With Any USB3 Compatible Computer
  • Eco-Friendly Power Usage: < 1 Watt
  • Features: Auto exposure & Auto white-balance
  • Endurance: Designed for 24/7 continuous use

Artemis VR Webcam:

  • Resolution: 4K HD 4096×2048 (2x 2048×2048)
  • Maximum frame rate: 60 fps WIP
  • Pixel Size: 3.45 µm
  • Field of View: 190°
  • Requirements: Computer Provided By Terpon
  • Light Sensitivity: ~ 2.45 better than Hermes
  • The Most Advanced Optics
  • Advanced Training & Configuration By Terpon

Camera Demos

  • Artemis “latexy fetishy” video (Youtube video. To be playable in 3D-VR on Youtube, use a VR-capable device such as a cell phone with a cardboard player and use the Youtube app. Also note that the vertical quality is divided by 2 due to current Youtube limitations).

The Right Choice

The Terpon Hermes and Terpon Artemis VR Webcams are each designed and manufactured to exceed all of your expectations. Either option will empower you to broadcast top quality virtual reality live webcam shows for your fans. The Hermes is intended for independent webcam performers and combines an amazing amount of content quality with the simplest setup you can ever imagine. Just plug it in and play! The Artemis does have a few important upgrades that require professional setup. Artemis is intended for cam studios and full time professional models that crave the absolute best user experience possible. For you, there is no better webcam than the Terpon Artemis anywhere in the world, and we are proud to show you exactly why as soon as you contact us to get one for yourself and your fans!