When virtual reality headsets promised to be a reality many speculated on what they could be used for. Some applications were obvious to many – gaming, military training and immersive movies. The idea of bringing virtual reality to the adult industry didn’t take long, although many mainstream companies didn’t go in that direction. There are already plenty of virtual reality porn movies that users can watch with their headsets at home, but that can even go a step further. That’s why we are the first company to provide 3D 4K cameras and equipment for live cam models to perform shows that make them more real than ever to their fans and friends. To outsiders, this might seem like an oddball choice for a business niche, but this idea was an intentional and smart choice that was well thought out and researched.

1. Sex Motivates But It Doesn’t Sell Without Expertise

The saying is that sex sells, and this is true, but sex industries still need guiding hands that are well informed and well practiced in business to steer them correctly. With a team comprised of adult industry executives, technology whizzes, and business savvy consultants, we have the expertise to make it in the adult industry with our innovative product. People want access to live webcam shows in virtual reality and we have developed the flexible models to make that a reality.

We are working with companies in the adult niche and finding out what it is that they want. As an example we are collaborating to come up with a standard for virtual reality file types and video players for this unique medium. This will benefit not only us but the virtual reality porn industry as a whole. It’s not unusual for an audio/visual technology to get a start or a big boost from the adult industry. In fact, technology that is a bit past it’s prime today, like VHS tapes, once got their start as the preferred medium for porn movies!

2. Accelerating Market Penetration From Start To Mass Market

Instead of selling our revolutionary virtual reality live webcam right off the bat, we decided to give away 1,000 cameras to top cam performers so they could beta-test them and give us feedback. We’ve also collaborated with camming companies to give our VR glasses as free prizes to “whale” clients and devoted fans who will use them. Both of these initiatives are an effort to reach the critical mass tipping point where there will be enough VR cam shows happening that users will want to tune in with their own headsets too!

In addition, we offer the option for many cam performers to rent the cameras instead of buying them outright. This is because camming is an international endeavor, and many of the girls wanting to try virtual reality camming live in places where the cost of purchasing one would be prohibitive. They rent for a low price equivalent to about $30 per month, which is easy for most cam performers to afford, no matter where they live. This ensures that the technology will be available to those innovative girls who want to try it, and their excited fans who want to watch them in VR live on camera. Think of AirBNB which provides a mutually beneficial service to travelers and homeowners. Our programs are mutually profitable, as they help cam girls make more money, as well as affiliates of live cam sites.

3. Customer Endurance Is A Key Component of The VR Revolution

The VR revolution is based on users wanting to have VR devices and use them, over and over again. Luckily, adult is one area of business that people keep coming back to, and will always enjoy in good economic times and in bad. Porn is a form of entertainment that provides an escape from the grind of everyday life and everyone can agree that it is fun to watch whether you are happy or down in the dumps. Connecting with cam performers is, for some, the highlight of their day, and bringing virtual reality into the equation only makes them enjoy the shows even more, keeping them coming back for more.

To further this idea, we are actually creating a whole ecosystem of devices, cams, headsets and studio cams that will cement their spot in the camming industry as the devices to go to for live virtual reality camming.

4. In Adult Content And Clients Develop Simultaneously for Free

The adult industry is incredible. Pornstars and studios want to create content and clients want to watch it, continuously. With virtual reality, cam girls are clamoring for new solutions to make their shows stand out and cam clients want to have the latest technologies to keep up. As you can see, all we have to do is provide the devices, and the market already exists. What we’ve done is simply fill a need that users didn’t even know existed. And camming isn’t the only place where user generated content will benefit from our expertise. 3D virtual reality cams have applications in dating and other niches within the adult industry as well.

5. An Untapped Audience Exists Solely Because of Puritanical Paranoia

With some conservative politicians trying to label porn a “public health crisis,” there are a whole lot of people out there who haven’t had the opportunity to enjoy porn to a satisfactory degree. They are out there just waiting to be woken up from their “puritanical paranoia” which has been driving their actions, and keeping them buttoned up. However, for many people it’s only a matter of time before a sexual reawakening happens, opening them up to a whole new world of adult industry products and content. This represents is a huge opportunity consisting of people who have not yet experienced the entertainment that the adult industry can provide to them. We are going to be here for them when they are ready.

6. The Adult Industry Is Lead By Highly Adaptive People Used to Building Markets

Those who have worked in the adult industry know that it is one of the most innovative and flexible industries. Adult industry executives have their feet on the ground and are often willing to try things that upper level executives in other markets simply wouldn’t have the courage or rationality to do. They are used to building more by working with less, developing markets, and creating systems that come to be seen as “normal” by consumers. The adult industry is completely ready to accept products and ideas that simply make sense – like high quality 3D 4K virtual reality webcams – without much pushback.

In conclusion, it’s not random that we’ve chosen to go for the adult industry with our amazing virtual reality web cameras. It’s a business niche with many opportunities for a new technology like this, that people have already been dreaming of and clamoring for before it’s existence. With flexible ways of injecting our products into the market, untapped market opportunities and a community of users ready to accept our products, Terpon is looking forward to growing in the future and helping to make virtual reality devices household products.