Terpon is thrilled to announce our latest partnership with SkyPrivate, the only Skype based pay-per-minute live cam platform in the adult industry. We made the formal announcement this morning, on FUBAR Webmasters. Both SkyPrivate’s CEO, Alex Bluck Negru, and Terpon’s CEO, Jean-Claude Artonne, expressed their excitement about the collaborations that will bring VR into reality, starting today.

In case you’re not familiar with SkyPrivate, here’s a quick introduction. SkyPrivate was launched in 2014, and has attracted more than 17,000 models due to its PRO version. SkyPrivatePRO is a B2B solution that makes opening business through a webcam outlet happen in just a few hours! Working in tandem with Terpon technology, SkyPrivate will be able to offer both traditional 2D broadcast, and 4K 3D VR with teledildonic control, simultaneously, on the same live stream. For those using Skype as their content player, this vastly increases the availability of VR for adult content, and helps us realize our dream of creating more immersive content technology into the industry!

Jean-Claude described our excitement about working with SkyPrivate, and specifically, collaborating with Alex: “It is always refreshing to find people who can foresee the way the business landscape will shift, and to work with them on positioning their products to monetize those changes together.” Jean-Claude also extended an invitation for more companies, and for performers, themselves, to join in on this momentous shift forward. “There is plenty of room for established adult webcam performers and new innovators, like SkyPrivate, to create a larger pie so that everyone gets a fuller slice of the revenue that VR will generate.”

Alex Bluck Negru, CEO of SkyPrivate, echoed this excitement. “Innovation is in our nature, and when Terpon arrived in adult with state-of-the-art VR technology for cameras, it immediately became clear to me that we share a passion for improving the user experience… we believe that the models who sell Skype calls need more than our billing technology to maximize their earning potential. They need the best hardware.” Working together to build a strong, strategic partnership that brings all factors and perspectives to the table, with a shared passion for the highest quality experience for each consumer, is what the future of the industry will be built upon.