Terpon remains focused on producing the best 3D VR webcams and ancillary technologies for our clients to ensure that our state-of-the-art technology works seamlessly with any broadcast platform models and their fans prefer to use. Educating consumers about the benefits of VR while sponsoring the growth of the adult content VR market through various promotions and editorial contributions is also a part of our contribution to this rapidly growing new media sector. Now VR has become a major buzzword, and our advancements are catching the attention of many major mainstream publications. A new VR Cams article published by UPLOAD offers a serious and thoughtful look at many of the often overlooked aspects of virtual reality connections. We want to share that conversation about matters like user privacy and the broader ‘cultural impact’ questions about the development of VR cams as a consumer facing device.

How will VR technology shape and create multi-sensory experiences, intimacy, and how does the user’s privacy remain intact? While Terpon remains steadfastly a technology development company, we are prepared to contribute to the conversation, along with adult content producers and tech media mavens, in helping to begin to find answers to these imperative questions. In Upload’s most recent article, contributing author Alice Bonasio sat down with the major headliners of this new enterprise, and asked specifically about Privacy and Platforms.

Maintaining privacy for content users seems to be the biggest hurdle in attracting a larger audience to VR content, with sites often requiring at least user names or payment authorization to even test out the new VR experience. Adult content providers will need to resolve their trial basis programs; being a tech production company, this an issue that Terpon has already resolved as Terpon CEO Jean-Claude Artonne explained: “Our answer is to have a clear barrier between adult sites and our mainstream platform that can provide a more attractive environment for customers to purchase these goods without connecting to any specific usage intent.”

Questions regarding intimacy and multi-sensory experiences seem to go hand-in-hand, at least from Terpon’s perspective. While couples have always used the newest medium available to maintain the bonds of intimacy, from hand delivered letters via courier to instant messaging, the new VR technologies promise to bring greater stimuli and increased opportunity to share in more sensual experiences with each other. VR, and its accompanying full immersion products, will allow couples to engage in sexual or physical bonding activities- thereby opening the way to revenue generated not only for purveyors of adult themed material, but to a larger public market. Think friends wanting to hold hands once again, or grandparents hugging the children after video chats.

Ever the optimist, which lead Terpon to receive the prestigious Tech Leadership Award at XBIZ, Artonne sees only benefit from the tech advancements currently happening in the adult industry, to being something openly received and widely used in all platforms. “We have a lot to do on the road map before reaching our goal of integrating connectivity with devices, because VR requires immediacy based on quantifiable data… measuring a physical and emotional state several times per second. The technology is coming quickly, but it isn’t quite here yet. Eventually, VR and AI will allow us to have virtual experiences every bit as real as any we have now in our daily lives.”

Terpon is dedicated to research, development, manufacture and distribution of technology. The adult platform remains, to us, the most valuable means of learning how to better improve and create new technology to bring the multiverse to a broader population. The warm welcome and encouragement we’ve received by the adult community compels us to continue providing only the best high-end devices to stimulate the growth of that industry, knowing that what we do for adult will bring value and ease of use for every consumer in every platform on the market. We look forward to the challenges that will arise as we head into the future, and the competition to come!