Terpon has made headlines, once again, as news of our 3D-VR webcams is streaming into mainstream markets. Our CEO Jean-Claude Artonne was interviewed for a feature article in TechCrunch. Author Lora Kolodny asks the big question on the mainstream market’s minds: why is technology being introduced for the adult entertainment industry seem to be making such an impact on mainstream tech markets?

There are several reasons, which Jean-Claude precisely points to. The first is the technological innovation of our webcams, the 3K Hermes and the 4K Artemis. Stylistically, these cams afford the performer a more ‘natural’ feel in performing for the gaze of their client. Technically, two stereoscopic 180 degree lenses are synchronized to form a 200 degree field of vision- which works for both traditional 2D streaming, but optimizes the quality and depth of 3D broadcasts. Our webcams can simultaneously record and broadcast. While our competitors offer cams that must be ‘hobbled together’, ours have built in binaural audio technology, so they stay cooler, longer. Simple plug-and-play USB connections means our webcams are compatible for use with all iOS and Android devices, along with traditional PC or Mac computer systems.

Another reason Terpon is making mainstream news is that we offer the highest quality VR cams available, at the lowest price of all comparable technologies in both the adult and the mainstream market. Terpon rents the webcam to the performer, for about $30 per month, with unlimited online support, broadcast optimization, and unlimited automatic upgrades to the equipment, as soon as they’re available. Models can plug in and broadcast using their preferred ARI, or stream from their own private site. We are entirely platform independent, and we do not compete against our customers by selling or creating content.

Like all of the everyday technology we use, most if it got its start in the adult industry: VHS, DVD, eBilling and online subscriptions, and now web broadcasting. “Recorded content in the adult industry is dead… the part of the industry that is growing is livecam.

3D content is something different that [customers] will pay for; especially if they already own a VR headset- [they] are committed to finding some new, fun experiences online.”

Kolodny notes that Terpon is facing competition from Chinese webcam producers, as well as mainstream tech companies like Nikon, Samsung, Lenovo and Sony. Virtual Reality is the future of the adult entertainment industry, which makes it only a matter of time before fully immersive entertainment will have reached mainstream markets. We are providing stiff competition to all technology manufactures because “we don’t plan to limit ourselves to adult entertainment… making a product that meets their needs is important, but having a totally dedicated market will help us to create something for the generalist market,” as we all move forward into the era of Virtual Reality.