Terpon is a camera and digital interface manufacturing company that specializes Virtual Reality and fully immersive technology for the adult entertainment industry. We are currently releasing two webcam models for individual and small production webcasters, the Hermes and the Artemis; as well as a studio camera, the VR Pro. We are also in the  prototype phase of a VR headset that is lighter, cooler, and more affordable than any currently on the market. We have several haptic feedback devices in design, and look forward to releasing this more immersive technology within the year.

In his recent interview with AW News, our CEO Jean-Claude Artonne reveals a little about himself, and his motivation for creating cutting edge technology for adult cam performers.  “My background is in mainstream digital imaging tech, and I see an extraordinary opportunity in the live cam niche to play a key role in how VR technology is rolled out to consumers… In my experience, the line between “adult” and “mainstream” no longer exists… I have been watching the industry and actively looking for the right ways to add value to it for a while.”

Jean-Claude also had an opportunity to talk about the current VR technology Terpon is making available, and that which is soon to come. “There are no similar products on the market. Terpon is a simple, light, cool and efficient VR camera… with beyond the envelope specs for professionals seeking to create the most mind-bending VR paysite content ever filmed.”  In the near future, Terpon will begin selling VR headsets and gears via ImmerMania.com, an affiliate main stream online shop. There are many other ways to partner with Terpon, so please contact us to learn more.

As for the future, Jean-Claude asserts, “VR technology continues to change at an amazing pace. The lenses, software, hardware and design will rapidly evolve as consumers gain access to VR devices, including connected toys benefitting from the latest haptic technologies. Terpon partners [will] have the very newest and best VR cams possible, and we will continue to provide updated cameras and equipment as each new wave of devices are ready for use. Their old cams will be donated to charitable causes to provide important educational tools and technologies to people in need… We are proud of these initiatives and look forward to advancing them, as well, with a sustainable business model that benefits the adult industry, its customers, and many others in need, as Terpon grows and matures.”