Terpon is proud to introduce our newest hire to our growing team, Mikael ‘Vid Vicious’ Levy! Vid Vicious has over 20 years of experience on the content production side of the industry. He joins the Terpon team as a facilitator to integrate our technology with all aspects of current video and webcam broadcasting. Our CEO Jean-Claude Artonne is thrilled to be working with Vid Vicious again, and we “expect it to be a great benefit for all our clients to be able to work with him as they transition toward the new Virtual Reality production standards.”

Vid Vicious holds a degree in photography and television broadcasting, filming his first adult feature in 1998, and has continued his work in the adult industry for over 20 years. His reputation as a brand and content site builder precedes him, and his previous work with Terpon on mainstream projects proves that his input will be invaluable as we take the leap forward into VR based broadcasts. In his own words, Vid echoes the fact that fully immersive entertainment is the future of the industry. “What Terpon is doing is game-changing, and I am deeply excited to be part of it all. To me, this feels like going from DVDs to downloads all over again. VR is going to be that big!”

While Terpon does not produce or distribute videos or cam shows, we are very much in the business of supporting the talented people who do it every day. Having Vid on our team will offer models who choose to lead the VR revolution a point of reference- someone who speaks the same language, and understands the unique challenges you may face in optimizing your broadcasts. Like a liaison between the technology and the performer, offering solutions to both ends of the production.

Over the previous few months, Terpon has been working diligently to assemble a team of well-known industry experts. At Terpon, we want your use of our technology to be a seamless transition, a simple plug-and-play experience that generates huge revenue for you. We are always interested in adding new talent to our team, so if you (or someone you know) have skills that would benefit in the production or development of the VR webcam revolution, please contact us today!