Virtual reality seems to be finding it’s way into pretty much every corner of the life experience. Virtual reality offers enhancements to real world adventures and there is a new one that is making you feel like you are really skydiving. How virtual reality skydiving works is that you strap on a VR headset and then step into a wind chamber that simulates skydiving. The wind pushes you up and down which is somewhat what going for a skydive feels like. With the VR headset on you are somewhat blindfolded, but it gives you the amazing experience of actually feeling and seeing what it would be like to be skydiving.

It’s a pretty great simulation that has a lot of applications for entertainment, but it also has a lot of applications for military and flight personnel. They can learn what it would be like to jump from a plane before they even do it, which could relieve some anxiety about the whole process. Once you get really good at it you can do flips in the air and get the full 360 degree experience! The video starts the moment the wind hits your stomach and it looks just like you jumped out of a plane. People who have tried this experience mention that it actually made them want to jump out of a plane even more for real, so in that way it is good training for those who want to do it but might be a little bit scared.

Virtual reality experiences just keep leveling up and bringing more amazingness to the world. What will virtual reality bring to the globe next? The possibilities are endless and soon it will be more accessible than ever to the world. Just give it a shot and find out what is waiting for you!