VR and HR seem totally unrelated, right? Wrong. There is a lot that the two can do together. Just like other industries that have seen unforeseen benefits from the popularity of virtual reality, human resources is finding new uses for it as well! Employers these days know that grades in college and official degrees are not quite as important as certain personality traits. That’s why some recruiters at top companies are using VR experiences to test potential candidates to see if they have the resolve and problem solving skills to get into the game.

One company, Lloyds Banking Group, has been using VR for a while to put candidates in potential situations they might be in at work to see how they would react. The virtual reality has not only had a good impact on the hiring process but also for the potential employees as well. So the people who were on the side of looking for a job felt that the company was on the right side of technology when they saw how interesting and innovative their hiring process was.

Other recruiting apps have logic puzzles, and tests of mental strength to see if a person will be a good fit for a job. These qualities are more of an indicator of what might make a good employee than standardized tests or quizzes. Plus, the tests in virtual reality tend to put people at ease because it feels like a fun video game, not like a nerve-wracking job interview. In the future it’s likely that people will not even need to leave their homes to get a job. They can just strap on their VR headset and have an immersive interview complete with challenges and great questions to lead to the perfect employment position.