Have you ever seen the movie called Surrogates? It features a new way of life for people. They sit at home and control attractive robots that allow them to live out their lives fully, but remotely from home. Some people wonder if virtual reality is going to cause a similar lifestyle choice for many people. They envision a world where people will stay at home with their VR headsets and live in the virtual world. This would be a big change from where we are now, but would it really be all that crazy? Because people are already locked into their computers a lot for work and play, it would really only be one step further than the reality that we currently live in.

They are calling it “extended reality” and it can look a few different ways. It could be a combination of virtual reality and augmented reality. People would walk around with their headsets on but still interact with the real world as they go through the day. They would still be active and get out into the planet. There is also the possibility that people would stay at home and interact with others in the virtual world only. This is already being done somewhat with virtual reality meetings and conferences which can save companies a lot of overhead. However, these experiences do lack some of the basics of conferences in that one of the most fun aspects is eating good food and getting to meet your colleagues in person for the first time.

Would you prefer to live in the virtual reality world or the real world? For some people the answer is clear, for others they would prefer a combination of the two and for others, they are just not sure. Whatever your answer, the truth is that VR is going to creep into our lives more and more.