Have you been wondering what the next industry to be affected by the VR bug is going to be? Well, it might just be the makeup and beauty industry. Cosmopolitan Magazine has announced a partnership with Perfect Corp to launch immersive beauty and makeup experiences starting in October. How you can access these experiences is through a QR code that will be available on the Cosmo website and in the magazine. This is a new idea that could bring a big boost to traditional media publications that have likely been suffering a lag. Making print media more interactive is a great way to get millennials involved in it more than they have been. Who wants a magazine subscription when you could just look things up online? Now people may find this idea more attractive if the magazine can interact with their other devices and keep up their technologically immersive lifestyle.

This is the first such immersive experience that brings things from print to mobile, and it will also be rolled out to several other magazines owned by the same parent company including Seventeen and Women’s Health after this trial run. It’s quite possible that other magazines could benefit greatly from this technology, especially ones that are even about technology, or really magazines on any topic where users might be interested in an immersive experience.

This could also be rolled out for books. Imagine a science fiction novel with an immersive virtual reality experience attached to it where you could experience the very world you are reading about. It could encourage people to read more books by tying in the best and most innovative thing that is hot with technology. Now you can get immersed in your reading materials in a whole new way than before.