Phillip K. Dick is probably one of the most well known science fiction writers, especially for people who appreciate dystopian fiction. Now one of his most well known stories is getting adapted for a VR movie and is set to debut at the Venice Film Festival this month. The story is The Great C which was first released as a book in 1953. It is all about a dystopian society that is post apocalyptic. The world is now ruled by an evil computer that desires human sacrifices on a regular basis. The movie should be an exciting experience, and once it has been shown at the film festival and some other location specific releases, they plan to release it to the world at large so that everyone who wants to can watch it on their own VR devices at home. This version of the story follows a girl from the post apocalyptic society who is trying to decide what she thinks about these savage cultural practices that are quite scary to think about.

With the increasing popularity of virtual reality, more and more people are going to be creating great works of art for virtual reality headsets. It is going to go beyond the amazing porn and cam shows that are already available in virtual reality. While there is already great content available, it’s only going to get better as virtual and augmented reality piques more interest. The great thing about these new movies and shorts will be that they can fully immerse you into the world of your favorite book or story in a whole new way. Video games and movies are only going to get better with this awesome type of technology!R

What are you most excited about seeing in your virtual reality headset?