In-flight entertainment has been improving on most airlines for the past few years. There are now usually free movies and TV shows to watch that you can choose on your own personal screen. It is a far cry from the days of yore when you would have to strain to see the cute little TV screen that would come down during the middle of the flight and if you couldn’t see you were out of luck. And if you didn’t like the selection that was on, you would have to find some form of alternative entertainment that wasn’t quite as interesting. Well, now Alaska Airlines wants to, once again, bring in-flight entertainment up to a higher level.

They are offering a virtual reality experience to a select few passengers. So far the VR headsets are only available for First Class passengers on flights from Boston to San Diego and Seattle to Boston, but if the pilot program is successful they may roll it out to more legs. They are currently offering several movies in 3D through the VR headsets including Three Billboards Outside of Ebbings Missouri and Ready Player One. This could go a long way if it catches on. Imagine being transported outside of your cramped seat and into a whole new relaxing environment! Dentists have already been using virtual reality for this purpose for a while now.

Virtual reality has so many applications that could improve almost any situation, especially scary or stressful ones. Unfortunately, this service isn’t available to the general public at this moment, but perhaps within the next few years everyone will be watching virtual reality on their long flights to escape the mundane boredom of it all. For now, you can try it out if you have your own virtual device or if you want to get a first class ticket!