Terpon recently attended the LALexpo in Cartagena Colombia and demonstrated the amazingly streamlined data throughput of its award winning VR Webcams. With a demonstration held at a local bar, using the free WiFi service offered to any patron, Terpon’s Hermes Webcam wowed everyone as it produced flawless cam streaming content in full virtual reality with an astounding level of picture and sound quality.

Terpon Webcam Demo

Attendees included top performers from many webcam platforms, studio owners and executives, as well as a large number of Internet entrepreneurs interested in learning more about the new era of interpersonal communication that is now taking place. With only a standard VR headset and the commercially available Terpon VR Cams, each person to experience the demo was overwhelmed with excitement about the progress Terpon has made in this new burgeoning field of mass media. The implication is that many will be accelerating their own efforts to market VR entertainment and several have now committed to use Terpon cameras as part of their core offerings.

“The rise from start to success is never a straight vertical line for any company, it always includes bumps along the way, and in Cartagena we are able to show that many of the challenges have been smoothed away as we begin to take off from the runway,” explained Terpon CEO Jean-Claude Artonne. “In Colombia we have met with some of the best informed, most well connected and active players in the Webcam sector. These are the people who know if a product like ours is worthy of their time and attention. I am extremely pleased with the warm welcome, encouragement and excitement that many expressed about working with us in the coming weeks, months and years as we deploy a whole new kind of intimate entertainment online.

Terpon Demo Excitement

Throughout the multi-day event crowds came and waited their turn to try out the demo Hermes webcam from Terpon and to enjoy the cam model lounge sponsored by the company. The most often asked questions was “Is this the normal camera, the same one I get when I signup… or did you do something extra to this one?” Each camera used in the demo is identical to the cameras being shipped to top models, studios and cam sites right now. These are production assembly versions of the webcam and because of the subscription model used by Terpon, any time a newer and better version of a Terpon camera becomes available you will be issued a brand new replacement camera at zero cost!

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