An article on recently examined the entire Terpon company and our award winning VR webcams, covering our launch of the next generation of 3D VR webcams. It offers a very thorough analysis of each of our cameras: the Artemis and the Hermes. Leaving no stone unturned, DrSchlonginhymen of VR Porn narrates perhaps the most concise breakdown of Terpon, as a company, and as a product developer and manufacturer.

In addition, he illustrates the value our products offer to you, the VR cam streamers embracing the future of the industry. “With the rental model, high investment costs are removed.. for webcam [performers] that want to sign up and give VR webcam streaming a try.”  For a minimal monthly rental fee, you will be broadcasting with the latest and greatest technology on the market! Unlimited free automatic upgrades, the moment the newest technology becomes available, will keep you ahead of the pack.

In a very flattering comparison of Terpon’s state-of-the-art approach to technology development, the author states: “In Apple’s early 2000 glory days, Steve Jobs made sure Apple was focused mainly of creating Macintosh computers and iPhones… it was this limited focus on two products that made Apple the most valuable tech company in the world.” DrSchlonginhymen goes on to state, “I think that Terpon’s limited focus on producing only two products means their VR streaming cams will demonstrate high production standards while being both high-quality and well-supported products.”

Traditional webcam broadcasting currently offers your customers 2 dimensional images in a limited 180 degree field of vision, with some ability to zoom and focus on particular images at a time. Terpon changes all of that! Two wide-angle cameras increase the field, working in tandem to create stereoscopic 3D video with a clear 200 degree field of vision. Futuristic optics technology keeps the images from blurring, with none of the VR judder commonly experienced using other technologies. Which means your viewers will be able to shift their focus fluidly, as they gaze upon your many attributes, in crisp, clean 3D resolution.

The article then details the specs of our two current webcam models. Our base level webcam, the Hermes, offers 3072 x 1536 resolution with a maximum frame rate of 30 fps. It’s plug-and-play through a standard USB3 port, using less than 1 Watt of power! The Hermes stays cool while operating on a 24/7 basis. Plus, all of our technology is ISP independent, meaning you can use your Terpon camera on any device and streaming service you choose- whether PC or Mac, and all of your tablets and mobile devices, and is optimized for an i7 processor. The Hermes is designed specifically for cam models wanting to get into VR webcasting. You can continue to stream in traditional 2D, while simultaneously broadcasting in 3D VR, thus maintaining your existing customer base, while increasing sales and marketing to those customers demanding 3D entertainment.

If you’re a professional webcam broadcaster, or a studio interested in increasing your platform to be completely VR production oriented, we’ve built the Artemis with you in mind. The Artemis offers you true 4K HD resolution with a maximum frame rate of 60 fps, and the most advanced optics available on the market. The Artemis has better light sensitivity, and an increased pixel size, making its imaging quality superior to any other webcam available. Just as easy to use as the Hermes, these advanced optics are optimized with a software interface. Terpon will provide the computer, plus training and configuration, for the pro-level model.

Whether you choose the Artemis or the Hermes 3D-VR camera, Terpon offers you a no-contract product, at the best price available, with free upgrades and free 24/7 online tech support. Because we are not content creators or distributors, we can be fully committed to providing you with superior products and immersive technology.  Terpon’s sole focus is on adult cam streaming; with limited partnering between leading cam models and streaming studios, solely to become the premier provider of 3D VR cameras and immersive technology for the adult entertainment industry. We’ve built our webcams so that your customers can view your webcasts using any VR headset they already own. We put the focus all on you!