Ever since virtual reality came onto the consumer market scene back in 2010 when the first Oculus Rift headset was developed, people have been talking about the VR boom that is coming soon. While headsets have been selling well in general, they are certainly not flying off the shelves as some industry experts once predicted. There have been ups and downs in the adoption of virtual reality as a technology that everyone will come to know and love. However, the reason that some experts believe the big “VR boom” hasn’t happened yet is simply the cost and accessibility of VR headsets. They are definitely in the “early adopter” stage which is when only the most tech savvy and forward thinking individuals have a real interest in getting into VR as a hobby or interest.

The other reason is simply the lack of availability of products that the majority of people could use in virtual reality. Right now the main focus is on entertainment and gaming, which only appeals to a certain type of crowd. If and when the technology evolves to the point where productivity tools with the ability to multitask are actually more useful in virtual reality than they are on your phone or laptop, then you might see a wider adoption of virtual reality by the general consumer market at all levels of adoption.

Most believe that augmented reality will become a more widespread technology before virtual reality does, because it is easier to use as it only requires a smart phone which almost everyone has these days. However, experts believe that virtual reality will become more useful in the field of productivity through employee training and simulations. The main thing is that once people try virtual reality they end up liking it, perhaps even better than they thought they would!