Do you ever wonder what happens to your old Terpon webcam, once you’ve received your new one, and sent the old one back to us in the postage paid package? Well, you’ll be happy to know that Terpon not only leads in the production of 3D webcams and immersive VR technology; we also have an environmentally responsible approach to dealing with old technology!

We are proud of our dedication to donating your old webcams to charitable causes. The bulk of those charitable donations go to education. You’d be surprised at how useful that old cam is in bringing students and educators together. Especially for people living in very remote locations, and those who cannot participate in a mainstream learning environment. We use your old webcam to bring the world a little closer together, increasing access to useful information, and promoting the success of every generation. With the same passion we have in making your Virtual Reality webcast business successful, we take pride in being a part of the larger enterprise of bettering everyone’s reality!

In some cases, that old webcam will have components that can be reused. That significantly reduces the amount of material going into landfills, and helps to keep certain production costs down. It’s very useful when we need to retrofit the cameras we’ve donated to charity, so our equipment is both reliable and responsible!

And you play an important role in this! Every time you unplug your old webcam, mail it back in the postage paid package that we include in the delivery of your free upgrade, you are giving a student, somewhere in the world, a greater opportunity than they had previously had. The success of your business creates not only your own security, but secures success for someone else. That’s the reality we envision for the world. Which we can do, thanks to you!